We continue to welcome new members. However due to the increased demand for our services, the current wait time for nursing appointments is two weeks and for doctor appointments is at least 3 months. In the meantime, as a new member, you will have full access to all of our member services such as blood tests, flu vaccinations, reduced fees for physiotherapy, massage therapy, psychotherapy, podiatry, and our Wellness program courses and conferences.

To become a member download the appropriate membership registration and the pre-authorized debit agreement (PAD) forms by clicking on the appropriate links. Print, fill out, and mail to us.

Once you have completed the forms you can return them to the clinic along with the $50 required to purchase your shares in the co-op.

The medical form is a working tool to prepare you for your first assessment appointment with the nurse to open your file.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Centre is not private. It respects the Canada Health Act, which means that anyone who walks in the door can have access to a doctor if the doctor’s schedule permits. This is the official definition of a public clinic. The doctors are paid by the Régie de l’assurance maladie Québec (RAMQ), the Quebec Health Insurance Agency.

A Co-op is owned by citizens, local businesses and organizations who are involved in its day to day operation. Ownership means buying 5 shares in the co-op for $10 each and paying an annual membership fee – this gives you a say in its operation and it also gives you discounts on fees that are not paid by RAMQ.

Members receive free evaluations by a registered nurse, free PAP screening, blood, urine and FIT tests, free vaccinations, significant discount on health professional services such as nutrition, massage therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry, psychotherapy as well as Wellness Classes such as kinesiology, mental health, Pilates, yoga and financial health.

Dues cover, in part, the operating costs of the health cooperative such as rent, equipment, supplies and the salaries of the nurses, secretaries, manager and maintenance staff. The Quebec Ministry of Health does not pay for these.

Each adult member pays an initial $50 fee for shares in the co-op plus $234 per year (only $18 per month). This fee contributes to facility operation, nurses’ salaries, medical supplies, and equipment for the clinic.

Children aged 16 years and under will receive a free membership when one of their parents has a membership. Full time students aged 17-21 years and living at home will pay half price.

The Fondation de la Vallée Massawippi was formed as a registered charity to support access to healthcare in this region. You can make a donation to the foundation by clicking on the Donate Now icon at the bottom of the Home page or by contacting the foundation at fondation@csvm.ca.

Income tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more.

New equipment and technology is paid for with monies collected through membership dues and community members, corporations and foundations who make generous donations. Additional revenues are obtained from the rental of space to our various specialists.

No, if you have a family doctor keep him or her. Think of the clinic as an additional source of health care services in close proximity to your home with minimal wait times.

Non-members have access to the services of a doctor since the doctor is paid by Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ).

Family doctor

The first step

In order to obtain a family doctor you must register with “The Québec Family Doctor Finder” or by contacting your territory’s waiting list office. If you encounter any problems our staff will be glad to help you navigate the system.

Eastern Québec Family Doctor Finder

territory’s waiting list office