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A time to come home, to cultivate our inner garden. We get in touch with the deepest part of ourselves.
With sustained attention to the breath, we make room for inner peace, serenity. We become calmer, and more stable. We develop a better emotional balance, we reduce anxiety and stress.
Regular practice allows us to strengthen those inner qualities that may remain dormant unless we make an effort to nurture them.
We learn to accept what IS, here and now, without judgment.
Join me in positively influencing the collective field of human consciousness through our own evolution and transformation for the benefit of all.
Whit all my heart,
Suzanne Côté, RYT
Yoga mat, a cushion to sit on and a meditation shawl are recommended.

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10:30 to 11:30 AM

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Non-member $35

Limited access (Max. 12)

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